Date and Time

The Concert for the Planet in 2018 will kick off at 8.30 pm Sydney Australian Eastern Summer time (AEST) Saturday, March 24. We suggest you set up at 8pm to test your technology and enjoy the live steam from our host event at HOTA on the Gold Coast, Australia.The Concert for the Planet in 2018 will kick off at 8.30pm Sydney Australian Eastern Daylight time (AEDT) Saturday, March 24. We suggest you set up at 8pm (AEDT) to test your technology and enjoy the live steam from our host event at HOTA, Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast, Australia.

What is the Global Orchestra?

The Global Orchestra is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to bring people together through the act of playing music, to mark our global commitment to finding a sustainable future for our planet.  Go to About the Global Orchestra

How do we play along with the symphony?

There are lots of ways you can join in the CFP and play along with the orchestra. In short you can download the music, learn a part and play along, or create your own alternative version that can work in with the performance on the night. We’ve got lots of suggestions on our site. Best thing is to explore all the links on the “PLAY” drop down menu. Once you’ve worked out your part, then all you need to do is tune into the Conductor-Cam on March 24th at 8.30 AEST on our website or via the Global Orchestra Facebook Page. You’ll see the Conductor and hear the orchesrta and you’ll have the bar numbers and other visual cues so you’ll know when to play your part. We’ve got lots of good information in our “Host” section to prepare for your event too.

What is Conductor-Cam?

Conductor–Cam is a fixed shot of the Conductor. You will be able to hear the performance to. It will streamed live via Facebook Live and the Global Orchestra website. Conductor- Cam will also have some text embedded into it that will indicate the bar numbers in each of the movements and when the Intermediate solo sections and “all in” parts are coming up.

Do I have to be able to play an instrument?

You don’t have to play an instrument to be part of the Global Orchestra, you can listen to the CONCERT FOR THE PLANET or check out our How to Play Along video for some great ideas on using regular household items to play along. 

You join in musically in the Concert for the Planet by accessing some of our playing along tips by exploring the “Play” menu on our website. But also hosting an event, coming along and listening is also an important part to play in engaging as a community around the issues of sustainability.

How can I listen to the concert?

The Global Orchestra website at will host a live stream of the performance of The Planets where you can watch and listen. Also have a look at our map and see if there’s an event near that you can attend:

My school would like to host an event, what should we do?

Please Register

There are many links at the bottom of the page that will help you to plan your event, send invites, promote your event and all the technical info you might need. Start by going here.

Do you have technical information?


When do I have to register?

We’re taking registrations right up to the event on 28 March. For information on what you’ll need to host a Global Orchestra,  visit our Hosting Tips to find out how to join in.

We're hosting an earth hour event, can we get access to the Conductor-Cam or the live stream?

Conductor-Cam is being hosted by YouTube which has been embedded on the Global Orchestra website.

Earth Hour was about switching off the lights and not using power. Won’t you need power to put on the CONCERT FOR THE PLANET?

Switching off the lights during Earth Hour is a symbolic act. Those who switch off the lights are indicating to their community that they believe in caring for our home planet Earth. THE CONCERT FOR THE PLANET was conceived originally as a soundtrack to Earth Hour and gives people another reason to come together during Earth Hour. 

The Global Orchestra reinforces what Earth Hours stands for: Listening, Playing your Part, Collaboration and Creativity.

The instrumentation for The Planets is all acoustic. All our sponsors and satellite events are mindfully using minimal lighting, and encouraging sustainable event practice. 

THE CONCERT FOR THE PLANET is all about listening... really listening to listen to each other AND our planet’s needs.