Tips for Hosting

This unique, free performance will take place during Earth Hour on Saturday 24 March, 2018 8:30pm AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS), 7.30pm AEST (QLD). Global Orchestra’s Conductor-Cam will capture and stream live the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra performing Holst’s “The Planets”, conducted by Lachlan Snow.  Below is a video, should your planning group need to understand how the CONCERT FOR THE PLANET, played by the Global Orchestra, will come together

** Previous event video. 

Hash tags

These are very important as they encourage content discoverability.

Recommended Google+ hash tags

  • #globalorchestra
  • #EarthHour

Recommended Twitter handles @

  • @globalorchestra
  • @HOTA
  • @GCPO
  • @EarthHour

Recommended Facebook Tags

  • Global Orchestra
  • Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra
  • HOTA
  • Earth Hour Global
  • Earth Hour Australia

Remember if you have any content featuring ambassadors, teachers or friends please hash tag.

Eg:  #angelacatterns #charliechan #monicatrapaga #MrsCarey #myschoolname etc

This is the case across Twitter, Google+, Instagram (especially Instagram), Facebook and LinkedIn.

Date & Time

CONCERT FOR THE PLANET(CFP) is an hour long event will which take place during Earth Hour, Saturday 24 March at AEDT (or 7.30pm AEST for participants in Queensland.)

We recommend you start your event at least 30 minutes prior to CFP lift off.

The Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra will play “The Planets” at the new HOTA Outdoor Stage. The performance, together with Conductor-Cam and various information for participants will be streamed live.  A recording of the live streams will be available immediately after the performance so anyone can join in as Earth Hour makes it way around the globe.

Live Streams

If you are playing along you’ll need to watch Lachlan Snow on Conductor-Cam and our Conductor-Cam will also be available from other platforms and websites.  We’ll be sending all these links and rehearsal information in the week prior to our concert together.  Don’t forget to register so we can send you the most up to date information.

To watch and listen to the Live Stream of the entire Global Orchestra, go to the Facebook Live stream via our home page.

Here’s a link to some useful Facebook Live info: FACEBOOK LIVE


Register your Event

If you haven’t already completed the online form, click here now.

You can register to play, host or listen to the Concert for the Planet. We’d love to know more about you so that we can send updated information, if you register and join the Global Orchestra we’ll know that all updated information is getting to the right person.

Where to Play or Listen

Size of venue

Host your Global Orchestra event in a location that will fit your players, their instruments, and your audience. This could be your home, a park, a place of work, a school hall or somewhere in your community. Councils offer hall hire waivers for community events.  Get in touch with them to see if they would like support your event and group.

Arranging your space

If you have the capacity, ideally you’ll want one screen for the musicians to follow the “Conductor-Cam” web stream and another screen for the audience to see the performance from the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra with your players in view as well.

We think the best way is to create a performance in-the-round proms style, placing the orchestra in the middle of the performance with screens at opposite sides.

Then your audience can sit around them on cushions and blankets (if your outdoors) creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Location Check-List

  • Check that you can access the internet with a reasonable download speed at your preferred location.
  • Make sure you have a wet-weather plan in place if your event will be outside.
  • If at work or an educational institution, check with their administration and confirm you can secure facilities for that time and date.
  • Make sure you book any public spaces before sending invites!

Preparing your Audience

Send your invitation out by email as soon as possible. We’ve created some text to help you with invites. 

There are also a large number of online tools to help you promote and manage your event.

As mentioned give yourself time to set up and engage your community in a discussion on our call to action: “What part will you play for the planet?”

What to Bring

We recommend asking the audience to bring their own chairs or cushions if needs be. They’ll also need to bring a picnic including rubbish bag so they leave the area clean.