"The Concert for the Planet is an initiative of the Global Orchestra Foundation, in partnership with Sydney Symphony Orchestra. 

The idea is a grand and crazy one … dreamed up by composer Charlie Chan and Technology Innovationist  Justin Baird

It had its genesis one warm summer’s night a few years ago when Charlie Chan and I decided to go somewhere to watch the lights go out over the city during Earth Hour. 

So we caught a ferry to Cockatoo Island, walked up to the highest point on the island and waited with many others who’d had the same idea,  until 8.30. And then it happened. The lights went out on the archway of the Harbour Bridge, on the sails of the Opera House and on most of the big city skyscrapers.

And we looked at each other and said 'Now What???'

It seemed to us that Earth Hour needed a soundtrack. Something that everyone could join in on  that would focus all our attention - if just for that one hour - on the environment and sustainability for the planet.

Charlie was introduced to Justin Baird - a like-minded soul - by a mutual friend Dave Claringbold from the Opera House. There this wonderful, ambitious idea for a Concert for the Planet was born. 

We’re extremely grateful that the Sydney Symphony Orchestra agreed to lead the Concert, and to play the magnificent symphony for large orchestra … Holst’s The Planets

And so, after a long and difficult labour … the Concert for the Planet will finally take place during Earth Hour 2015."

Angela Catterns AM - Chair Global Orchestra Foundation

Global Orchestra Trustees & Founders

Angela Catterns AM, Charlie Chan, Justin Baird & Nathan Waks