Music has the power to bring people together, in celebration, collaboration and community. As a financial supporter, you will play an integral role in connecting people through music. You will be part of a newly-imagined musical movement that encourages people in Australia and around world to be inspired to do something during Earth Hour: To consider how to live sustainably all for the sake of the planet.

Your financial contribution will facilitate the Concert for the Planet, a very special live event, and will enable streaming of the performance all over the world, so we can share the event with the millions who'll be watching Earth Hour start its 24 hour journey around the planet.

To make a one off payment either make a pledge using our online pledge form or simply click on the Donate button to pay by credit card.  The Global Orchestra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation.

Thanks for your support.

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The honour roll are the credits played at the beginning and end of the Concert for the Planet. Your name or business will be displayed in rolling credits under the title - 'Playing their Part for the Planet.
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After you've completed and submitted the pledge form we'll be in touch to provide you with bank details for making your contribution. Thanks for supporting the Global Orchestra Foundation ACN 604 293 969