Bringing people together is a very important part to play for the planet. Great to have you on board. You are our co-pilots on our mission. Below we have compiled some tips to help you launch your sustainable satellite community event.

This unique, free performance will take place during Earth Hour on Saturday 24 March, 2018 8:30pm AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS), 7.30pm AEST (QLD). Global Orchestra’s Conductor-Cam will capture and stream live the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra performing Holst’s “The Planets”. 

Here's  a video, with info about how the CONCERT FOR THE PLANET, played by the Global Orchestra, will come together.  ** this is the previous events video, update video on its way - stand by.

Hash tags

These are very important as they encourage content discoverability.

Recommended Google+ hash tags

  • #globalorchestra
  • #EarthHour

Recommended twitter handles @

  • @globalorchestra
  • @HOTA
  • @GCPO
  • @EarthHour

Recommended Facebook Tags

  • Global Orchestra
  • Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra
  • HOTA
  • Earth Hour Global
  • Earth Hour Australia

Remember if you have any content featuring ambassadors, teachers, friends please hash tag.

Eg: #angelacatterns #charliechan #monicatrapaga #MrsCarey #myschoolname etc

This is the case across Twitter, Google+, Instagram (especially Instagram), Facebook and LinkedIn.

Date & Time

CCONCERT FOR THE PLANET(CFP) is an hour long event will which take place during Earth Hour, Saturday 24 March  at AEDT (or 7.30pm AEST for participants in Queensland.)

We recommend you start your event at least 30 minutes prior to CFP take off.

The Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra will play “The Planets” at the new HOTA Outdoor Stage. The performance, together with Conductor-Cam and various information for participants will be streamed live.  A recording of the live streams will be available immediately after the performance so anyone can join in as Earth Hour makes it way around the globe.

Live Stream

If you are playing along you’ll need to watch the conductor on Conductor-Cam on our home page. Conductor-Cam will also be available from other platforms and websites.  We’ll be sending all these links and rehearsal information in the week prior to our concert together.  Don’t forget to register so we can send you the most up to date information.

To watch and listen to the Live Stream of the entire Global Orchestra, go to the Facebook Live stream via our home page.

Here’s a link to some useful Facebook Live info:

Live Stream Checklist

  • Fast Internet Connection (could work on 4G or WIFI but most stable connection is wired Ethernet to the actual router or network switch)
  • Computers fast enough to stream video (if you show both streams you will need 2 computers)
  •  Projector & Screen** to watch Conductor-Cam (for musicians)
  • Projector & Screen ** to watch Live Broadcast (for audience)
  •  A public address system that will connect the vision and the sound

** Projector & Screen can be replaced
by flat screen TV hooked up to computer


You’ll need computers/laptops to show both streams.

The software you’ll require is:

  • ·Adobe Flash Player
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari
  • Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, Ubuntu 10+, or Linux OS 11+ (64-bit)

** Don’t forget to update your software!

Test your technology

We will be rehearsing and testing the stream around Friday the 23rd March at 11am (TBC). We’ll email you with instructions and more information – so don’t forget to register your event so we can keep you in the loop. 

The rehearsal will enable us to take into consideration latency issues, bandwidth and synchronisation problems.  We may also provide a cached version of the conductor from the previous days rehearsal as time and resources allow.

Thanks for participating and playing your part for the planet!