Bringing communities together with Music And technology


Inspiring environmental change through the power of music.


Concert for the Planet

Thousands play along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra - forming a truly global orchestra - in the “Concert For The Planet”.

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Interactive Orchestra

Combining technology with creativity to find new ways to inspire.  

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The Happiness Project

Gross National Happiness is a development philosophy as well as an index which is used to measure the collective happiness in a nation. The concept was first used in Bhutan. .

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An innovation of the Global Orchestra, Conductor-Cam allows musicians from various locations around the globe to play together in real time.

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across barriers.

The Global Orchestra has developed projects that focus on reaching beyond cultural, economic, and physical barriers through new technology and interactive media.

We are dedicated to change.

We aim to energise communities and inspire change, all through the combined power of music and technology.

Want to know more about what we’ve achieved over the last year? Find out more in our Annual Report.