Introduced in 2015 for the Concert For The Planet, Conductor–Cam is, essentially, a fixed shot of the Conductor. Through the use of Conductor-Cam, musicians from around the world were able to follow esteemed Conductor David Robertson as he led the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they played Holst’s “The Planets”.


WATCH Conductor-Cam from the 2015 Concert For The Planet


Through this novel video streaming mechanism, Conductor-Cam allows participants to play along with the host orchestra at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, bringing everyone together through the global language of music. Users are able to hear the host performance, as well, giving users a sense of playing along in real-time.

With the help of embedded text in the feed indicating bar numbers and movements, musicians of all levels are able to follow the Conductor’s queues. The Conductor-Cam also instructs musicians outside the host symphony when the Intermediate solo sections and “all in” parts are coming up.

With the use of Conductor-Cam, students and musicians from around the world (including musicians at NASA, Langley) were able to join in with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they played Holsts’s “The Planets” during Earth Hour 2015 - thus creating the Concert For The Planet.