Here are some
of the ways our
can help:

  • Endorse & share the concept

  • Host an event with their audience

  • Appear in a “What part will you play...” video

  • Be a mentor

  • Make a sustainability pledge

  • Run a workshop/masterclass

  • Record/perform their original interpretation of “The Planets”

Monica Trapaga - Musician, Performer

The multitalented Monica Trapaga is one our much loved Ambassadors. If you don't know how your going to play your part during the Concert for the Planet. Monica will show you how. 


David Robertson - Chief Conductor Sydney Symphony

David Robertson is the chief conductor of Sydney Symphony Orchestra. He conducted the Global Orchestra's inaugral Concert.

George Washingmachine - Musician

Explaining how he likes to make new things out of old things. Recycling can make seriously good art.

Andy Ridley -
Founder Earth Hour

Andy has already made a pretty huge contribution as founder of Earth Hour Making a super pledge to elephants and the environment.


Ken Jackson - Technical Direction Company

TDC makes an amazing pledge to invest in cost effective, energy efficient technologies and are proud to be a part of the Concert for the Planet.