Uranus, the Magician casts a four-note spell which form the basis of most of the musical ideas:

This motive is first heard in trumpets and trombones, then the tenor tuba and then the timpani.

Bassoons and plucked cellos introduce Theme A accompanied by block chords:

The main tune develops from lolloping bassoons to a brilliant climax, then to a march-like melody theme B played by horns and strings over an offbeat accompaniment.

March like theme C enters in the lower brass

The four-note motive, active throughout, echoes alone in the spell-binding coda. You can take as the figure of Uranus almost any magician you have ever seen in opera, drama or vaudeville - preferably one with the tall pointed hat studded with stars, the flowing blue robe with voluminous sleeves, and the silver wand. By way of encore he makes some mysterious incantations, suddenly (one guesses from the music) envelops himself in flames - and disappears.