Contemporary Instruments

The Global Orchestra’s Concert for the Planet is designed so everyone, anywhere can come play along no matter what instrument they play or what skill level they are at. So you don’t need to play a classical instrument to play along on the night! As our aim is to bring people together through music to find a way to live sustainably on this planet.  Here are some different arrangements of The Planets by Holst that will definitely inspire you to make your own interpretation of his music.

Here is an amazing performance by Sinfonity, where this large group of electric guitarist are performing Mars, the Bringer of War. This would be a great way for you and even small group of friends to come together and play along on the night for The Concert for the Planet. 

King Crimson are a progressive rock band formed in London in 1968 widely recognised as a foundational progressive rock group. As the 60s was a period of experimenting with music this is a live recording at the Fillmore West of Mars. This could also be inspiration for you to experiment with some classical music. 

KRock band N.E.X.T. has also made their own arrangement of Holst’s Mars in this Space Rock Opera. 

If rock isn’t your thing, here is a lovely acoustic guitar arrangement of Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity. 

Music and Technology

Some other interpretations of The Planets include this 8-bit arrangement of Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity which has been inspired by the classic NES game Super Mario Brothers, which you could also play along at home with a MIDI keyboard with an 8-bit emulator if you love combining music and technology.

Animated MIDI of Jupiter.

These are some other electronic performances by Isao Tomita that you could listen to and also check out the whole Planets suite on Youtube. 

Mercury, the Winged Messenger.

Neptune, the Mystic. 

You might also want to check these remixes and find that this is the way you want to play your part on the night. These versatile pieces continue to evolve as the music itself evolve and make for an interesting take on the original pieces of music. 


Fallout has also changed the time signature from the original 5/4 to a danceable 4/4 in this drum 'n' bass version.