The Global Orchestra. Uniting communities
through technology and music.



The idea for the Global Orchestra was born on a clear evening a few years ago, when two of its founders, Charlie Chan and Angela Catterns were watching the lights go out over Sydney during Earth Hour.

Reflecting that millions of people around the world  were probably doing the same thing, it occurred to them that Earth Hour needed a soundtrack. So everyone could join together in a musical relay, connecting and participating in a global musical event.

Soon after, Charlie met technologist Justin Baird and the Global Orchestra’s first project was born: The Concert for the Planet. Over 100,000 participants across more than 200 locations played Holst’s ‘Planet Suite’ simultaneously, following the live stream from the Sydney Opera House and the baton of Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s conductor David Robertson via  ‘Conductor Cam’.

The Global Orchestra team believes that music truly is the global language. The Concert for the Planet was just the beginning, as they continue to explore ways to use technology and music to connect people from all corners of the globe.