Global Orchestra’s “Concert for the Planet” lifts off again!

The Global Orchestra’s Concert for the Planet, a mass participation, multi location, performance of Holst’s The Planets, is going global again with musicians and communities around the world coming together via innovative technology during Earth Hour 2018. 

The unique performance will take place at 8:30pm (7.30pm QLD) on 24th March 2018, with Global Orchestra’s Conductor-Cam capturing and live-streaming the Conductor and the players of the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra as they perform Holst’s The Planets at HOTA Outdoor Stage on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

While the main event will take place at HOTA, events will be hosted across Australia and around the world as musical and community groups come together to perform in unison with the Orchestra, via the stream on Facebook Live..

With only a couple of weeks to go, several groups and organizations have already registered to play their part. And once again this year, the musicians at the NASA base at Langley in the US will be joining in.

Kelly Murphy, Head of the Aerothermodynamics Branch at NASA Langley Research Center said “One of NASA’s primary missions is to understand and protect our home planet.  NASA Langley, where many of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists conducting cutting-edge research, and they are  thrilled to partner with The Global Orchestra – and people all over the world - to reflect on how each of us can "play our part for the planet."

The Global Orchestra was founded in 2013 with the idea of combining technology and creativity - for the planets sake.  During Earth Hour, March 28, 2015 the inaugural Concert for the Planet was performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, a mass participation, multi-location, first of its kind performance of Holst’s The Planets. Musicians and communities played their parts to mark their commitment to a sustainable future for Planet Earth.

Global Orchestra has created musical arrangements, instructional videos, lesson plans and information packs to enable everyone to play their part on the big night. Conductor-Cam, will also guide players through the bar numbers and count players in to ensure everyone follows the score and knows when to play their part. 

A broadcast quality, multi camera production of the performance, will be streamed via Facebook Live. 

Charlie ChanComment