Global Orchestra’s “Concert for the Planet” takes off!

Global Earth Hour Initiative set to resound around the planet

On Saturday, 28 March at 8.30pm, the Global Orchestra's Concert for the Planet will go live.

The inaugural inaugural Concert for the Planet, a mass participation, multi location, first of its kind performance of Holst’s The Planets, has gone global with musicians and communities around the world coming together via innovative technology to mark our commitment to listen to each other and our planet’s needs during Earth Hour 2015.

The unique performance will involve Conductor-Cam capturing and streaming the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s (SSO) highly acclaimed Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson live as he leads the SSO through Holst’s The Planets at the Sydney Opera House.

While the main event will take place at the Sydney Opera House, events are being hosted across the globe as community groups come together to perform in unison with the SSO via the live stream.

With only a few days to go, Global Orchestra has been inundated with registrations. Several hundred schools and organisations in Australia and around the world, as well as the NASA base at Langley, will all be joining the performance.

Registration is not compulsory and it is anticipated that the number of people actually participating in the Concert event will be in the thousands. The inclusion of 70 musicians from NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Virginia, consisting of NASA employees and local Adult and Youth Orchestra Members is a huge addition to the Concert event.

Kelly Murphy, Assistant Head of the Aerothermodynamics Branch at NASA Langley Research Center said today: “One of NASA’s primary missions is to understand and protect our home planet. NASA Langley, where many of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists conduct cutting-edge research, is thrilled to participate in the Concert for the Planet – with people all over the world - to reflect on how each of us can "play our part for the planet."

Download the full media release here.

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