Five days to GO!

Are you wondering where you can find scores, parts and resources so you can join the Global Orchestra? Well it’s easy!

If you’re an accomplished musician and would like original parts please go to our Scores and Parts page. However you might be a more intermediate player, or play a non-orchestral instrument. If so the main themes and melodies for each planet are scored for various clefs, and even guitar TAB on the Melodies and Themes page.

Are you a teacher and would like lesson plans and fun and interactive ways to encourage your students to play along? Excellent! You can find all the information on our Education page.

Make your own instrument! We understand that not everyone can play an instrument or read music, but why should that stop you joining the Global Orchestra? We can show you how to easily make your own instrument out of PVC pipes, and use colours to read the music. It’s tremendous fun and can be done in a group, have a look at the All In Parts page.

Calling all producers, electronic artists and contemporary musicians: Why not sample the themes and do a live set with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra? There are many amazing remixes and arrangements of Holst’s The Planets, including chiptune (8-bit) and drum ’n bass. Drop by the Alternate Versions page for information.

Everyone, anywhere on the planet can play along to the stellar sounds of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Which part will you play for the planet?

Dan Baker practises to play his part for the planet

Dan Baker practises to play his part for the planet

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