Global Orchestra Volunteer Briefing

A little under two weeks ago, the team at Global Orchestra reached out to a group of talented individuals to come on board as volunteers in the lead up to the big day. What we were presented with was an array of different backgrounds and specialities, from musicians to filmmakers, students and professionals. The volunteer briefing was a fantastic way to get to know each other, share ideas, become inspired, collaborate and coordinate, so that each of us could learn more about what part we can play for the planet.

Our group of volunteers consists of artists, singers, musicians, composers, cinematographers, editors, event specialists, writers and more. Everyone had different reasons for joining the team, from a love of music to a passion for all things sustainable. With all of these unique backgrounds and interests, the Global Orchestra team is more energised and excited than ever!

To pull off a performance like the Global Orchestra, it is crucial that we have support from a number of different areas to make the night an amazing experience for all. At the moment with all the extra hands on deck, we are able to focus on making the event even bigger and better than before.

With our new talent on board and the event quickly approaching, the team is now working harder than ever to play our part for the planet. We have a number of volunteers working together to create some fun videos to teach you how to play your part, as well as great online resources for before the event - including how to host your own GO event! 


Charlie ChanComment