CONCERT FOR THE PLANET amazing response to the invitation to participate.

Before the Global Orchestra Video even went public, we had more than 100 events registered for the CONCERT FOR THE PLANET.

We put a sneaky little feeler out amongst schools and the response has been enthusiastic. From Perth to Auckland, and in many regions areas of Australia.

We've observed some pleasing community collaborations evolve in the process, with the Bellingen Sustainability Officer registering an CFP event with the Bellingen Youth Orchestra.

We'd love to share with the world what you're doing at your event, so remember to take lots of photos and videos and upload them to social media. Take a look at our news article titled "How to make your Event on Message" for tips, tricks and advice on how to make great videos, capture great images and how they can be seen.

What part will you play for the planet?

Testing conductor cam

Charlie ChanComment