Mrs Carey becomes the Global Orchestra Education Ambassador

We are pleased to announce that Karen Carey, the subject of the box office hit documentary "Mrs Carey's Concert" is leading our ambassador program by becoming our Education Ambassador. Using technology to bring people together on this scale is new terrain and exciting for Mrs Carey.

"What a wonderful way to connect students of all ages to a global community, musically & ideologically"

As she prepares her own event at Santa Sabina College in Sydney, she will be sharing with us her process.

THE CONCERT FOR THE PLANET is on her school's curriculum for 2015 and it will be the first project the Music Department will undertake for 2015. She intends on collaborating with St Mary's Boys school to fill out the orchestral parts.

On the night of Earth Hour she envisions a pre-concert performance and then the combined Orchestra will play along with the SSO for a couple of the movements in THE CONCERT FOR THE PLANET during Earth hour at 8.30. She hopes to host it outdoors on the grounds at Santa Sabina. 

We will share more as her process gets underway. 

Charlie ChanComment