We invite you to participate in the inaugural Concert for the Planet.

Earth Hour March 28th, 2015.

Through the act of coming together to play music, the annual Concert of the Planet will mark our global commitment to listen to each other and our planets needs.

What part will you play for the planet?

The inaugural Concert for the Planet  2015 will be a mass participation, multi location, simultaneous performance of  Holst’s “The Planets”. On the count down to Earth Hour, direct from the stage of the Sydney Opera House, we will beam a live stream of chief conductor David Robertson out into the atmosphere.

Everyone, anywhere on the planet can play along to the stellar sounds of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

You don’t have to be a skilled musician or play an orchestral instrument.

Pick a movement, a phrase, or re-interpret. 

Be a player, a listener or an organiser.

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