Humble Beginnings


The Global Orchestra was founded in 2013 with the idea of combining technology and creativity - for the planet’s sake.

In March 2014, during Earth Hour, the first Concert for the Planet was staged. An ensemble orchestra played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons - at the Balmain Town Hall, to a rapt, enthusiastic audience.

During Earth Hour 2015, The Global Orchestra Foundation staged a huge, multi location collaborative music project. At the stroke of 8.30pm, when lights were switched off all over the city, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra began playing the Concert for the Planet … this time, a mass-participation, multi-location performance of Holst’s The Planets. More than 200 schools, community groups and orchestras  across 350 locations joined in, enabled by technology,  … playing the same piece of music at the same time.

In 2017, The Global Orchestra invited a robot to join the musicians onstage.

A performance of Charlie Chan’s composition, Paradise, was played in the Sydney Opera House, by a world class 40 member jazz ensemble. It featured Baxter the Robot on Marimba using artificial intelligence to play along.

In the spirit of Earth Hour, as humanity takes pause to listen to our planets needs, the vision of the Global Orchestra is to have music become the inspiration and the agent for change. With the combination of individual preparation, careful listening and coming together to work in harmony, we can not only play a Symphony of music, we can find a better way for humanity to live, to ensure the sustainable future of our planet. This planet. PLANET EARTH.