Here are some of the ways our Ambassadors can help:

  • Endorse & share the concept
  • Host an event with their audience
  • Appear in a “What part will you play...” video
  • Be a mentor
  • Make a sustainability pledge
  • Run a workshop/masterclass
  • Record/perform their original interpretation of “The Planets”

Monica Trapaga - Musician, Performer

If you don't know how your going to play your part during the Concert for the Planet.  Monica will show you how. 


David Robertson - Chief Conductor Sydney Symphony

On the 28th March 2015 David will be the chief conductor of the Global Orchestra. Which part will you play for the planet?

Andy Ridley - Founder Earth Hour

Making a super pledge to elephants and the environment. Great supporter of the Global Orchestra, encouraging both Justin Baird and Charlie Chan to make it real

Ken Jackson - Technical Direction Company

TDC makes an amazing pledge to invest in cost effective, energy efficient technologies and are proud to be a part of the Concert for the Planet.

George Washingmachine - Musician

Explaining how he likes to make new things out of old things. Recycling can make seriously good art.