There are different streams embedded on this page.  You can watch the LIVE STREAM here OR or follow Conductor-Cam and play along.

Conductor-Cam is a unique stream that allows musicians to play along with the score.  We've added the links to the both the dress rehearsal as well as the Concert for the Planet during Earth Hour.


Previous Live Streams


27 Mar 2015: Conductor-Cam - Dress Rehearsal


28 March 2015: From 8:00pm Conductor-Cam


28 March 2014: From 8.30pm Launch Global Orchestra Foundation

Four Seasons in one Night performed at the Balmain Town Hall, the performance featured some of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's players.

We sat on the floor proms style and enjoyed a performance and the changing of the seasons in music.

The 2016 Concert for the Planet will be a performance of The Planets Suite.

The unique performance took place at 8:30pm on 26th March 2016

The Global Orchestra’s Conductor-Cam will capture and stream live the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s highly acclaimed Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson as he leads the SSO and the Global Orchestra's performance.

Play along, host an event or watch and listen as the Global Orchestra forms and makes its way around the world during Earth Hour.